The Value of an Independent Agent


Review your Options

It's in your best interest to review your options.  An Independent Agent has options.

Never a Charge

All companies charge the same price with or without agents which means having your own Independent Agent is free to you.   Companies pay agents. Insureds do not.

Easy Answers

Most folks know about lots of things but not about insurance.  Agents are licensed by the State, certified annually with CMS and appointed by companies.  All requires training.  Experienced agents can correctly answer most insurance questions on the spot.  Or.  They know how to get answers.

Sometimes this means helping you phrase the question so you get the correct answer.

A Friend in the Business

Sometimes it's good to have someone locally you can easily contact who can assess your situation.  Your Agent has standing with the company to help you resolve situations and correctly answer questions.   All at no charge.

No Reason Why You Shouldn't Have an Agent

Free of charge.  Easy to reach.  Live in your area.  Know answers to questions.  State/CMS/Companies/Professional Organizations all mandate your agent be ethical and follow rules made in your best interest such as; no harassment, no high pressure tactics, no misrepresentation.